Saying that Free Video Slots is the world’s most played casino game is not a bold statement, nor is it a clever marketing punch line, free video slots really are the world’s most played casino game, and I don’t just mean the normal land based casinos only, but their internet based cousins as well. People the world over love playing free video slots, they love the simplicity and the fact that it takes little or no knowledge to play them and that they have made more instant online millionaires than all the other casino games combined. Playing Video Slots Online is a great way to spend and morning, noon, evening or night and will provide you with more excitement and more enjoyment than any other casino game in the world, it also doesn’t hurt that free video slots are best played at home.

Play Free Video Slots, the world’s most played Casino game

European Casinos are well known for being brilliant. They offer you a wide variety of different casino games to play as well as the bonuses that will allow you to play for free.

South African Online Casinos offer you the chance to play casino games from the comfort of your very own home. There are many different forms of Online Slots to play including the likes of classic slots, video slots and the millionaire making progressive slots.

Why are free video slots the best casino game to play at home.

It is not difficult to explain the reasoning behind that particular statement and it especially easy to show you what I mean when I say that the best casino game to play at home is and always will be free video slots. Allow me to take you through the last process you no doubt had to undertake before you were able to enjoy a few games of free video slots at a land based casino. Firstly I would assume you would have to sit in traffic while you completed your daily commute from the job you have which allows you to play free video slots games, you would then have to get home and shower and change into appropriately smart clothes before having to make the long, arduous trip to the closest casino, which unless you live in a place like Las Vegas or Atlantic City would mean travelling distances in excess of a hundred miles instead of playing Video Slots Online.

Play Free Video Slots, the world’s most played Casino game

Play free video slots, they are the best home games continued…

After you have travelled the required distance, you would then need to find parking which I’m sure was either an underground or above ground parking lot situated more or less five miles from the casino floor, I bet when you had the inclination to play a few games of free video slots earlier that night you didn’t expect a five mile hike to be a part of it. Following your pre free video slots game hike you would need to fight your way through a crowded casino floor to a crowded cashier and stand in line to change money, this seems a bit excessive, just for a few games of free video slots. Once you have completed your wait in line you would need to once again wade through the bust casino crowd to find a vacant free video slots machine, then and only then after a good few hours travelling, hiking, queuing and then searching would you be able to play free video slots, now I shall explain why playing video slots online is the better alternative.

The conclusion, Free Video Slots are best played at home.

We now know why free video slots are not ideally suited for land based casino and we can turn our attention to why free video slots are considered as the best casino game to play online or at home. Firstly after a long, hard day’s graft you would not need to travel any further because the free video slots are more than capable of travelling to you. Secondly, there would be no need to get showered or dress in smart clothes to play video slots online because the computer doesn’t care what you look like and the Online Casino you will be playing the free video slots at will never refuse you entrance based on how well you are dressed. Finally, if you want to play free video slots you can sit in a comfortable chair as opposed to the uncomfortable plank of wood normally provided to you by the Casino, this will allow you to enjoy playing Video Slots Online much more. As you can see there really is no reason why you would ever feel the need to play free video slots at a land based casino.